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Tamara´s first stormy day in Jubany

Posted by Tamara Manograsso Czalbowski (IAA), Argentina on 30 January 2011

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I am Tamara, part of geological team of the Instituto Antártico Argentino in Buenos Aires. Our group works with the sediments of the last 10.000 years, hydrogeology, glaciology and permafrost.

We arrived two days ago, after a very quick journey from Buenos Aires. It took us only two days to get here. It is my first time at Jubany Station and in the Dallmann Laboratory, and I am very glad to be here. Today we undertook our first field trip to select the areas for sampling and for our hydrological measurements.  Our first aim is to determine, which environmental factors are the most important determinants of water flow in different parts of the Potter river and how the variations of the water flow influence sediment transport into the coastal environment of Potter Cove.



Today was very stormy but we had a lot of fun! You can see in the picture (above, middle) our team: from left to right Natalie, me, Hernan, Patrick, Adrian and David.


Walking back to the station, by the fresh water lagoon on the back side of Tres-Hermanos hill, which is next to Jubany station.

Finishing our little exploratory paseo!









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