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Returning home for Christmas

Posted by Christian Hass (AWI), Germany on 22 December 2010


After a couple of days of packing our gear and belongings, and also after a couple of false alarms regarding the departure from Jubany, we made it from cold Antarctica to the summer heat of Buenos Aires.

Finally, after many good-byes, the Argentinian Navy vessel "Castillo" sent zodiacs to pick up those people leaving Jubany and their luggage. "Castillo" brought us safely to the Chilean station Frei. On our way we went across Potter Cove into Maxwell Bay and passed the Korean station "King Sejong" at the mouth of Marian Cove. We had a last snowy view of our working area for nearly two months. Most of the Jubany people onboard felt a little bit sentimental upon leaving such a great environment. There were times when we were able to feel the massive silence of a calm day, interrupted only by the deep rumble of the moving glacier. At other times high-speed blizzards shook Jubany's buildings and prevented outdoor work. In any case it was never boaring to be there. 

In Frei we entered the Hercules that took us to Rio Gallegos in Patagonia. There we had to change aircrafts and thus took another Hercules to Buenos Aires. Right now we wait for our transport to Ezeiza Airport and we all cross our fingers to make it home before Christmas. Regarding the snow in Germany and the closed airports it might turn out that the expedition is not over yet...

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  • Hi Christian, Anne and Nina: I am very happy that your project went well and apparently you also had a good time doing your work in Potter Cove and certainly a great team! We keep the fingers crossed that you can make it back here, where it may be even a little colder than in Jubany. Happy christmas guys! whereever you may be, doris

    Posted by doris, 23/12/2010 10:31am (11 years ago)

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