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Into the Cold – Our journey to King George Island – Part 1

Posted by Donata Monien, Patrick Monien (ICBM), Germany on 15 December 2010


Buenos Aires. This morning, after travelling 25 hours, we finally reached our first stage on our long journey to Antarctica.

It is almost summer in Argentina. 30 °C. The air is hot and sticky, full of dust and smog, the streets are crowded and noisy, we can feel the heartbeat of the city. It’s hard to believe that we will be in vast and cold Antarctica soon. We are full of anticipation, to start with the work and to see our friends and colleagues on the base again. It is the first time we will be there already in December and we are curious about the sampling conditions… and what Christmas and New Year’s Eve will be like on an Antarctic Research Station.

However, now that we are already in South America, the only thing we can do is waiting. Because our onward journey with the Argentine military and our colleagues from the Instituto Antártico Argentino (IAA) is dependent on the weather, we may fly tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow, or even next week. So we will spend our time on checking our equipment, planning sampling strategies and experiencing this lively city during the next days.




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  • :) wunderbar!

    Posted by heng, 19/12/2010 7:45pm (11 years ago)

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