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Posted by Anne-Cathrin Wölfl (AWI), Germany on 16 December 2011

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This day was just another day in the row of stormy days that we are experiencing since I don't know when. But even without working in the cove, it gets hardly boring here.

Two days ago, Nina and Christian went with the Spanish research vessel 'Las Palmas' to the Russian station Bellingshausen to catch their flight to go home. The airplane unfortunately did not arrive today due to the bad weather conditions, so let us hope for them, that it will come tomorrow. Today in the early morning, we also had to say good bye to Emma and Steve, who were picked up by  'James Clark Ross', a research vessel from the British Antarctic Survey. The two are now on their way to the Falkland Islands, where they are supposed to catch a flight as well to go back to Europe.  

So, now I am waiting for the bad weather to be over and then I will continue with my measurements in the cove. Next thing I am planning to do is recording video images with our underwater camera in order to calibrate my hydroacoustic data sets. The video system is already installed and ready to go... so am I. Maybe on Sunday, we will see....

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  • Hi Anne, I was just facebook snooping and made it here. Sound like you are doing some very unique things in some very different places! As I always thought you would. :) I am going to Germany in August for a wedding, so I thought I would check out where you live, but it's not close! I am headed to Konstanz. Anyways take care!

    Posted by Kim from WKC, 11/02/2012 3:03pm (10 years ago)

  • Ann, enjoy the last days in jubany, this is a blessed place! go on with the science!

    Posted by Fernando, 20/12/2011 1:17am (10 years ago)

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