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Arriving at Jubany...

Posted by Christian Hass (AWI), Germany on 10 November 2011

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We starteted on October 26th in Hamburg to fly via Franfurt to Buenos Aires. On the 30th we took a bus to Mar del Plata which is a comfortable way to travel since the buses are very much like the first class in an aircraft.

In Mar del Plata we were picked up at the bus terminal and were directly transported to the harbor where "Polar Pioneer" was waiting for us to set sail. On the ship was already a group of Polish scientists bound for Arctowski (the Polish Antarctic base on King George Island). We had a safe trip then across the Drake Passage and reached Arctowski 8 days later. It took 2 days to unload the Polish material at Arctowski, several times interupted by a number of bad weather periods. At Arctowski they use amphibian vehicles that are very sensitive to wind and waves. At 5 a.m. on November 8th we finally made it to move all the freight for Jubany via Zodiacs to the station. Dirk, Steve, and Emma who traveled via Punta Arenas and the Chilenian base Frey arrived one day later with the Brasilian RV "Maximiliano" when the weather was in bad weather conditions. Right now everybody is installing instruments and setting up the labs to start working. The weather is pretty bad with a nasty snow storm today but everybody is in a good mood anyway. I can't send any pictures right now because my rucksack together with my camera was stolen in Buenos Aires but that is another story.

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  • Greatings from Arctowski!!! Thanks a milion for your help during unloading. Hope we will be able to make it up for you someday! Best reguardsfor the team!You're greate! Tschuss.

    Posted by Adam, 10/11/2011 6:51pm (10 years ago)

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