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100 sampling stations and more today...

Posted by Christian Hass (AWI), Germany on 3 December 2010

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After a storm that brought us loads of snow, we took advantage of a short time slot to pass the 100-stations mark.

By now we sampled 102 locations on a 200 m grid in the inner part of Potter Cove: we took about 90 samples and ran the grab sampler about 120 times. Conditions were sometimes very nasty with icy snow flakes that painfully hit our faces or excessive snow that started to affect the laptop computers in the boxes, and of course the cold that usually starts to creep under your skin after an hour of work on the boat. On top of all that you notice a sunburn on your face in the evening although you never saw the sun that day. But it is good to go through all this because it means that you got samples or data this day. Tomorrow we plan to run the seismic gear if the sea is calm enough. The parametric echo sounder has passed all tests in the container and we are all very excited to see it working on the boat. We will report how it is going in the next blog.

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